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ANNIYA REIS began with the vision of transforming my passion for creating jewellery into a meaningful business endeavour. However, I aspired for more than just another jewellery brand; I aimed to inspire, assist and provoke deeper introspection about one's authentic self.

In my quest to manifest this vision, I deliberated extensively on a name that would encapsulate the essence of my personal brand—something that resonated with my authenticity. Contemplating what my brand would symbolise to me, I reflected on the qualities of my higher self. If I were to embody this elevated version of myself, what would it be called? After thoughtful consideration, ANNIYA REIS emerged as the perfect embodiment. Drawing from the initials of my first and last name, it possessed a profound significance that struck a chord within me.


With the birth of ANNIYA REIS, I realised that my journey was not merely about crafting exquisite pieces of jewellery, but also about instilling empowerment in others. This realisation marked the inception of a venture dedicated to not only creating beauty but also fostering a sense of strength and self-assurance in individuals.

As we navigate through life's journey, we face diverse challenges and encounters, each tailored to our personal trajectories. Our brand goes beyond mere products and services; it cultivates an environment of self-exploration and interpersonal connection. We encourage our customers to embark on a journey of deeper self-awareness and empathy, nurturing a community where empowerment and confidence flourish.

We are passionate about crafting fine jewellery pieces that celebrate the natural beauty and healing properties of crystals. Founded with a vision to inspire self-expression and empower individuals on their own individual journey. Driven by a deep appreciation for the Earth's treasures, we hand-select each crystal with care, ensuring that every piece radiates its unique energy and charm. From raw, uncut stones to polished gems, our collection showcases the diverse and mesmerising beauty of nature's creations.

What sets us apart is our commitment to authenticity and quality. We believe that each crystal carries its own story and energy and we honor that by crafting jewellery pieces that resonate with our customers on a personal level. Whether you're drawn to the soothing energy of amethyst, the grounding properties of black tourmaline, or the loving vibrations of rose quartz, our collection offers a variety of crystals to suit your individual needs and preferences.As advocates for sustainability and ethical sourcing, we prioritise eco-friendly practices and responsible production methods. Our goal is to create jewellery that not only looks beautiful but also aligns with our values of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

We invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Thank you for supporting our new jewellery brand. We look forward to being a part of your journey and helping you discover the magic of crystal jewellery.

Warm Regards, 

Anniya Reis

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Reach out to us today to explore collaboration opportunities. If you feel that you resonate deeply with our brand, appreciate the quality and craftsmanship behind each piece then reach us on for a chance to join us on our new exciting journey. 


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